At H G Trades, we help you earn as well as learn. Invest in learning before investing in share market. Join our technical analysis course and start trading with your own ideas. Trading involves high risks is the common statement we often see people talking about, whenever they are talking about share market, but no one talks about the rewards. Risks are associated with rewards and vice versa, it is the risk and reward ratio that helps you earn.

If you are a believe in the mantra “You should learn before you earn”, then you are at the right place.

Our technical analysis course is just a beginning of your journey.  It does not matter if you are a new trader or an experienced one – the learning process never ends. No two days are the same in the market and all traders should learn every day.

We give you a support for the next 30 days after the course completion to help you in your trading and making improvements in your strategies. It takes a lot of experience along with knowledge to master the art of trading.

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We started providing our courses online to make it easy for you to learn from home. It will save you an additional 5,000 if you join our online technical analysis course. 

Our experts will be available for you during the live markets as well to help you in your trading.

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