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Phone Consultation

We know it is difficult to explain everything in writing and no one likes to chat with a bot. So we have introduced our telephonic consultation service. If you have queries specifically related to your portfolio, any particular stock, or need a view, you can take up our Phone Consultation Service.

Once you sign up, we can discuss your queries via a phone call or Whatsapp call (for international calls).

Kindly fill up the registration form below for scheduling the phone call and the mode of payment. We accept payment through UPI and direct bank transfer as well.


1. Phone consultation will be done within 3 days of payment of fees.

2. Phone consultation is only about discussion on the phone and does not include any other effort, including reply or confirmation or opinion on an email, etc.

3. In case the call exceeds the time limit, you will have to sign up for another consultation call.

4. Fee paid is non-refundable

Consultation Charges

10 minutes consultation
20 minutes consultation
30 minutes consultation

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