The Rise of Algo Trading: How Technology is Changing the Financial Markets

In recent years, the financial markets have seen a significant shift towards the use of algorithmic trading, also known as algo trading. This form of trading utilizes advanced mathematical models and high-speed computers to analyze and execute trades at a much faster rate than human traders. The rise of algo trading can be attributed to...
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A New Platform to Trade in Gold – What is SEBI upto?

Earlier in May’21, the SEBI had proposed a comprehensive gold- exchange framework. The proposal suggests a system wherein an investor can convert physical gold assets into “Electronic Gold Receipts” (EGR), and trade them in a similar manner like shares, and interestingly the investor can convert these e-gold receipts back into physical gold. The proposed gold...
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Algo Trading by H G Trades

What is Algo-Trading?

  An algorithm is a specific set of clearly defined instructions aimed to carry out a task or process. And there are instances when a human trader isn’t able to handle enormous numbers of trading, and that’s when you need intervention of an intelligent algorithm. Algorithms have gained popularity in the trading landscape and many...
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Stock Market For Women

Stock market for women

The single most quality that separates men from women is they are better at managing risks. Share market trading is all about managing the risks and making profits.   Need for financial independence, potential to make some quick money and long-term wealth creation possibilities seem to be beckoning women to stock markets. If you are...
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Retail investor guide

Guide for a retail investor

  As you begin to draw up your plans for this financial year 21-22, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:   Look out for companies having strong earnings correlation. A 20-25% CAGR in preceding 3 quarters and 3 years at the same pace shows consistency in earnings delivery Watch out...
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