SEBI new rule for margin

SEBI has come up with new margin rules for better transparency and for the sake of clients and brokers. This share pledging norms for plugging in the loopholes has come into effect from September 1 , 2020. Initially, SEBI came up with these rules in February and then extended it to July and then August...
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Risk Management in Trading

Effective Risk Management Techniques for Successful Trading

Risk management is an essential component of successful trading in any market. No matter how experienced or skilled a trader is, there are always inherent risks involved with investing in the financial markets. However, by implementing effective risk management techniques, traders can minimize their exposure to risk and increase their chances of making profitable trades....
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Before you think about earning some good money in the Stock market, you have to understand it very well that there are no short cuts. If you want to earn more then you have to stay in this business for a long time. Before getting into the stock market, it is important to understand the...
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Normally the question that beginners ask is “What type of trading should be considered to complete the transaction in a day?”. Well, if you are seeking an answer to this question then you are on the right track. Intraday trading deals with buying and selling of stocks or shares on the same day, during the trading...
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When it comes to the world of investing, three words come to mind: overwhelming, intimidating, and scary. Figuring out where to invest can be one great challenge. Right? I’m sure you’ll be keen on knowing some tricks and tactics to invest in the future. And I know, a lot of information might be like taking...
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